M CURATED is a sophisticated fashion & lifestyle distributor and retailer with main goal to selectively curate brands from all over the world and distribute throughout the mall's chains. Our agents' and department stores cover wide range of middle to upper market segments. M CURATED has successfully marketed and promoted numerous imported brands. With our experience in the industry, we have developed an in-depth understanding in marketing and consumer behaviours for exclusive brands, and build them into longstanding recognition in Thailand.


M CURATED represents curated collections of modern day ready-to-wear and accessories brands which are selected carefully. We act as a bridge connecting brands that would like to showcase their creative masterpieces and clients who would like to fulfil their desires through our curation of imported brands. It is our long-tern plan to become a well-established business together with our partners, and strengthen our marketing and selection of products that appeal to existing and potential customers. Our comprehensive knowledge of our customers as well as the business itself led us to continuously meet their demands with our diverse selections of the finest quality products from world's top designers, accompanying by our impressive track record of successful partnerships in both local and international scale, strong management and proven ability to succeed in the competitive environment as well as maintaining a distinctive synergy within THE MALL GROUP's companies.